If you touch my daughter, motherfucker, I'll fuckin' cut your fuckin' balls off and shove 'em up your fuckin' ass. I'll fuckin' bury you! I'm gonna stick ice picks in your eyes and send 'em to your family so they can eat them for dessert! - Paul Vitti to Primo Sidone

Paolo Giovanni Vitti (1950 - 2000s) was a former boss of the New York Vritti Crime Family, from 1999 movie Analyze This.


Paul Vitti was born in the Bronx. He hanged out with Italian-American criminal's whose father's were also made-men in the New York crime families. At a young age, Vitti joined a street gang. His father, Giovanni Vritti was very un-happy with his choice and gave him several beatings. Vitti met Primo Sidone but Sidone soon became jealous of Paul and his father's success in crime and rivaled him. Primo had set up his own criminal organization or followed his father's crime family and rivaled with the Vritti Crime Family in control of New York City. Sidone had Domnick Manetta killed to make himself the offical ruler of the American Mafia Commission which would allow him full control of every crime family in the United States. Paul was a very stressed man and had several panic attack's which made him meet Ben Sobel through Jelly Riminatia's connection. Other families across America started to talk as Vritti was talking to a "shrink" and didn't know what on earth he was saying to him. He finally met Primo Sidone at a big meeting in New York and shared that he didn't want to be involved in New York's organized crime anymore. Primo shot at Vitti behind his back but Sobel tripped and the bullet hit him. The Feds (FBI) waited to make a move and so they did. Vitti among his rival's and criminal allies were arrested and Paul was sent to Sing-Sing federal prison. When men hired by Lou Rigazzi tried to kill him, Vitti feigned insanity and was released into Sobel's custody, before becoming a consultant on the crime show Little Caesar.

His FatherEdit

Vritti had a small connection with his father. While having a meal with him, Unknown gunmen came in and shot at his father killing him instantly. Meanwhile Vritti soon rised to power as offical boss as Domnick Manetta was previous boss while Paul was still growing up.

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