Victor 'Black Tony' Stracci is the head of the Stracci crime family, portrayed by Don Costello.

Don Victor Stracci, was an old-fashioned Don from New Jersey, Stracci had strong views on prostitiution, believing it to be an immoral practice. However, he was also known for his violent tendencies, which led to Stracci becoming known as the 'Butcher of New Jersey'. Stracci began work with his brother Mario, posing as a legitimate hauling company in New Jersey, before evntually spreading out to become leader of one of New York's Five Families. He was present at the wedding of Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi, sitting at the same table as the other heads of the Families, where he brought several bottles of finest wine from his cellar at the S[tracci Compound in Jersey. Stracci embraced the scheme of Don Emilio Barzini to unite against the Corleone family and force them into the heroin trade, after his own Family became crippled during the Five Families War, losing their primary rail hub in New Jersey, as well as having his caporegimes assasinated. He was present at the sitdown where the families convinced Don Vito Corleone to accept drug trafficking in his territory and guarantee peace. His Family were seen as the weakest of Corleone's enemies at this point. On the day of Michael Corleone's revenge, Stracci was suing for peace, and was to be met at the St. Alban's Hotel by Aldo Trapani, who had secretly been promoted to caporegime due to the betrayal of Salvatore Tessio. Trapani escorted Stracci to the elevator, but it was met by Peter Clemenza, who blasted Stracci with a shotgun.

Don victor stracci

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