"A smoothie a day, keeps your troubles away"

Definition and DiscoveryEdit

The V lemur is the most advanced of all Tarsier, it is defined as the most little lemur. It was discovered the 14th February 2010 (which was made the Lemurs new Years by Presidentino), but the mystery of its birth is still unresolved. Some scientists including Binkieleef, thinks she is one of the Riuki parts in the apple described by Ryuki-A's Androgen theory (see page 8), other instead thinks she is the Princess Lemur, (the daughter of the Queen Lemur).


The V travelled a lot in her life and has no natural habitat. Her favorite tree is the A lemur, from which she is at maximal distance 7 as described by the famous astrophysicist Benicello.

Stomachus and The AssEdit

The topological surface of the V have been studied in detail by A, which has developed a mathematical description. "The V Ass is a perfectly Smooth Differentiable Manifold. It can therefore be described by the Balazsnova-Barp-Burger (BBB) tensor field equations, which are secret and can only be seen by lemurs. Her Stomachus is the most hot surface of Universe, sometimes reaching infinite hotness, and is also used as a trampoline by the Pygmy Jerboa's .


The V loves to eat ice cream, which she has at least one time per week with Yoda. An example of famous smoothie recipe that she discovered is:

1 banana   1/2 mango   1dl of frozen rasberries   5 grapes   1dl orange juice

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