A Side-scrolling computer game was released by Ocean Software in 1989 on ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, Amiga and later on NES, SNES. Based loosely on the movie it lets you play out some of the more significant parts. It is set in Chicago and the main goal of the game is to take down Al Capone's henchmen and eventually get Capone in jail.

Playable characters

Eliot Ness

Jim Malone

Oscar Wallace

George Stone (Giuseppe Petri)


The Streets: This is the first level in the game and it puts you as Elliot Ness shooting at gangsters from behind a warehouse as they shoot at you. The Warehouse: As Ness you must shoot guys who have information regarding Capone and pick up the information they drop when they have been shot. The Bridge: This is the first level in which The Untouchables (Stone, Malone, Wallace, and Ness) are the playable characters. As the Untouchables you blow up some of Capone's drug trafficking trucks. The Alley: This level is very similar to The Streets, however, you have the option to switch between Ness and the Untouchables. The Train Station: As Ness you must guide a baby-carriage down a flight of stairs while fighting off Capone's henchmen. The Hostage: One of Capone's henchmen has taken a man for a hostage, Capone's bookkeeper and possible witness, and while controlling George Stone you must take one shot to take out the henchman. The Rooftops: Another level that is similar to The Streets except you must reload your own gun in between shots while you take cover behind a courthouse wall. This level is a confrontation between Eliot and Capone's assassin and enforcer, Frank Nitti.

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