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Here is the list of the top 10 richest and most powerful crime bosses.

10.Servando Gomez Martinez aka "La Tuta" Net Worth:$1.2 billion Organization:Knights Templar Cartel Nationality:Mexican

9.Ismael Zambada Garcia aka "El Mayo Zambada" Net Worth:$4.6 billion Organization:Sinaloa Cartel Nationality:Mexican

8.John Ericson Vargas Cardona aka "Sebastian" Net Worth:$4.7 billion Organization:The Office of Envigado Nationality:Colombian

7.Omar Trevino Morales aka "Z-42" Net Worth:$4.75 billion Organization:Los Zetas Nationality:Mexican

6.Matteo Messina Denaro aka "Diabolik" Net Worth:$4.9 billion Organization:Denaro Crime Family Nationality:Italian

5.Semion Mogilevich aka "Seva Mogilevich" Net Worth:$5 billion Organization:Russian Mafia Nationality:Ukranian

4.John Difronzo aka "No Nose" Net Worth:$5.2 billion Organization:Chicago Outfit Nationality:Italian

3.Giovanni Motisi aka "U pacchiuni" Net Worth:$5.35 billion Organization:Motisi Mafia Clan Nationality:Italian

2.Edward Sil Gotierelli aka "No Heart" Net Worth:$5.5 billion Organization:Colombo Crime Family Nationality:Italian

1.Dawood Ibrahim Net Worth:$6.7 billion Organization:D - Company Nationality:Indian

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