Tony Bianchi is one of the Tattaglia family's Caporegimes.

The old and more experienced of the two caporegimes, Bianchi had been a good friend of Phillip Tattaglia since their boyhood days in Brooklyn. He was known to take more than a professional interest in the Family's business of prositiution. After the death of his friend Donnie Marinelli, the Corleone family feared Bianchi's vengeance so Salvatore Tessio, the Corleone Family's savviest capo, sanctioned his death. Bianchi was known as a regular at the St. Sebastian Hotel, the Tattaglia Family's most famous hotel/brothel. Whilst making time with a hooker, he was garroted by Aldo Trapani. Bianchi was known to have a large cadre of followers who were loyal, but dangerous. His most trusted soldatis were garotted along with their boss in the hotel, where, nine years later, Bianchi's friend Phillip Tattaglia was murdered by Trapani and Rocco Lampone(Video Game Version).

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