Tom Devaney (died July 20, 1976) was an Irish-American mobster and enforcer for notorious mob boss Mickey Spillane and The Westies of Hells Kitchen, New York.

Biography Edit

As Spillane's chief lieutenant, Devaney played a leading role in the growing animosity between Spillane and the Genovese crime family as well as the gang war against James Coonan. Devaney was an exhibition worker on the West Side and one of Spillane's main enforcers.

Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, boss of the Genovese family, subsequently began to seek to eliminate members of The Westies as they had begun to encroach on his Manhattan territory and rackets. Salerno hired notorious hitman, Joseph "Mad Dog" Sullivan to kill Devaney. Sullivan observed Devaney for eight weeks, then disguised himself with an afro wig and skin dye, followed Devaney into a bar-and-grill in Midtown Manhattan and shot him in the head as Devaney sipped on a cold beer in the midtown bar after attending a wake across the street. Genovese family soldier and Government witness George Barone later claimed that he assisted Sullivan in the Devaney hit and that he was killed because "he was interfering with us" as Barone told prosecutors in court.

Devaney's death marked the beginning of the end for Spillane's operation. Spillane himself was murdered the following year.

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