The Tattaglia family is one of New York's Five Families. It is run by Don Phillip Tattaglia. They are well known to be involved in prostitiution run from the St. Sebastian Hotel in Brooklyn. They were the first Family to begin working with narcotics sometime in the 1930s.In the 1940s, the Tattaglias began to gain power after being supported by drug kingpin Virgil Sollozzo, even managing to gain a vital toehold into Little Italy, crippling the Corleone Family's empire. They also managed to take Vito Corleone out of the picture by sending him into hospital.Their luck would not last for long however, as Bruno Tattaglia was killed by Corleone enforcers and Sollozzo was murdered during a peace talk with Michael Corleone. This act made Don Tattaglia declare a state of mob war against Don Corleone, having been secretly backed up by Emilio Barzini.After being forced into a stalemate, Tattaglia and his allies set up Sonny Corleone for assassination, avenging Bruno's death. Vito, having recovered, called a meeting of the Commission and swore that he would not fight Tattaglia. This peace came just in time, as the Tattaglia Family had been massively crippled by the war. However, after Vito Corleone died of a heart attack, Michael sent Rocco Lampone to the St. Sebastian Hotel, where he murdered Don Tattaglia and the prostitute he was with.

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