A soldati in the Barzini Family, under Big Bobby Toro.

Sonny boy granzella

A former boxer, Sonny-Boy Granzella became a member of the Barzini Family after they began to fix several of his fights. He retired in the late 1930s and instead became a soldati for the Family, beginning a diamond racket in the basement of Scotty's Biscotti that shipped it's goods to the Palermo Warehouse in Midtown. In 1948, Granzella gave a large deal of money to Stracci capo Leon Grossi, in order to recieve a shipment of explosives for his own ends. However, Grossi's delivery boy Plinio Ottaviano was killed by Corleone enforcer Aldo Trapani and Grossi was forced to renegotiate with Granzella over the deal.Grossi never suceeded, as he too was assasinated and Granzella began to pay tribute to the Corleones instead.

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