Salvatore 'Sam' Drago (1917-2005) was the Don of the Drago Crime Family from Tampa, filling the seat once filled by Domenick Panza from Boston.


Salvatore 'Silent Sam' Drago studied to become a pianter in Italy. His father, Vittorio Drago, was the Don of the Florida syndicate. He, like Michael Corleone was reluctant to join his father's business. After Benito Mussolini came to power in the 1940s, he was forced to help his father and join the business. By 1954, the same year Michael became Don, Sam Drago became the don of the Florida syndicate. Under him, there were rarely any arguments at all and there was maintained peace through Tampa. Drago was one of the three Dons approached by the CIA to form a squad of assassins gathered to assassinate Fidel Castro, the Dictator of Cuba. Drago vouched for Carlo Tramonti many times, as having been friends with him for a long time and was one of the few Dons to have survived Joey Zasa's attack on the Commision, making a deal with Zasa to prevent any repercussions. He reimend Don until 2004 when he replaced by the Dennis 'The Buther' Vulcano and died a yearlater in 2005.


Dennis 'The Buther' Vulcano is the Boss of Tamba by 2004 and he is half Sicilian and half Neapolitan he stood 1.70 and weight 300 pounds, also he always holded a walking cane becauce of injury at his leg is half bald and wear big black glasses. He was born in 1936.

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