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Are the hierarchal structure names given to people in a power of authority.

Overview Edit

Positions-Titles and Ranks Edit


A front boss is a member of the family who acts for The Don and on behalf of the boss in public view (e.g. the media, commission meetings or even meetings). A front boss is intended to deceive authorities, the public, other families and some times even members within his own family, and there by protect the real boss from surveillance, prosecution, assassination attempts etc.

A front boss may take some decisions himself, but may be required to clear or take direction on certain decisions or matters from the boss.

Tony Salerno was front boss for Vincent Gigante. Robert DeNiro


The underboss is the second in command overall, he assists the boss and makes decisions on behalf of the boss especially when the boss is unavailable, e.g. ill or in prison.

The underboss will often deal with internal disputes and discipline while the boss (or frontboss) deals with matters that involve different families, though this is not a hard and fast rule.

In some families at some times in history the underboss has essentially been a faction leader who has agreed to aquiesce to the boss in the interest of the family. E.g. Neil Dellacrocce led the more street orientated or "blue collar" crews of the Gambino family while Paul Castellano ran the white collar big business side of the family.



The consiglieri or counsellor is below the boss but on the same level as the underboss.

The consiglieri's role is to act as an impartial adviser to the boss.

As such the consiglieri will usually not have many direct reports, though he may have one or two soldiers or captains who report to to him, often people who he has persoally mentored e.g Anthony Casso reported direct to Christie Furnari who was the Luchesse consiglieri.

This lack of direct reports reduces the likely hood of bias in advising the boss, as the consiglieri will not benefit directly from any advice they provide in order to resolve internal disputes.

A consiglieri will usually be an older member of the family, though this is not universally true. E.g. Sammy "the bull" Gravano was consiglieri to John Gotti in his 40s.

Consiglieri's are an important part of a Mafia. Like Billy Crystel.

Street Boss/Head CapoEdit

The street boss, is a top Capo which has many soldiers beneath him and carries out pick-ups and extortion and is the first enforcer to hit a rival family


Also called "capo", is a high ranking member in a mafia that had been made into a member. Similar to a captain in the military, this person is the head of a grouping of soldiers and reports directly to a boss or underboss


Soldier, soldati, made man, button man (because they have their "button"), wise guy. This is the lowest ranking "official" or made "on the books" member of a family. Soldiers run their own enterprises though some soldiers may be assigned to overlook or manage particular family businesses. E.g. a soldier may run a union, perhaps even taking an official union role such as business manager on behalf of the family.

In addition soldiers may run their own crews of connected made guys.


An associate or "connected guy" is not a full or "made" member of the family. Unless you are Italian (meaning you have a traceable, unbroken Italia an associate the associate is said to be "on the record" with the made man. The made man is then responsible for disciplining, training a

Capo di tutti CapiEdit

n, preferably Sicilian lineage and not just an Italian last name), then this is as far as you can go in the Mafia. A connected guy is vouched for by a made guy and is said to be "on the record" WITH a family. or easier way put it is somebody that's in but doesn't really have much rights in the family Connected guys are "sponsored" by a made man. When a made man sponsors


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