Pietro Testa is one of the Barzini family's Caporegimes, the other being Big Bobby Toro.

Pietro testa

Testa was known for his cunning and savvy, as well as numerous connections amongst the police, which helped the Family secure a place for Toro in Riker's Island to escape the wrath of the Corleone Family. He was behind a plot to remove the Corleone's police protection and was attempting to bribe the Little Italy Police Chief, shortly after the death of Toro, who had been killed in the Midtown police station, making the Barzinis lose a great deal of their police protection. Testa never managed to carry out this plan, as he was executed by Aldo Trapani as he was shaking hands with the chief. His death left the Barzinis startegically lacking, which hastened the tightening of their grip on the Corleones.

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