Peter Simone

Peter Joseph Simone (born 1945), is a Kansas City, Missouri organized crime figure who is thought to be involved in running illegal gambling activities.

Biography Edit

In April 1992, Simone was convicted of money laundering in a video poker scam and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Simone was released on probation in 1996 and placed on three years probation. In May 1997, Simone was listed in the Missouri Gaming Commission "Black Book", which bars undesirables from entering Missouri casinos.

On January 2, 1999, only two months before the end of his probation period, Simone was caught playing craps at Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel & Casino. Although sentenced to spend one day in jail, Simone's probation period was extended 12 months with four months of electronically monitored house arrest. Later in 1999, Simone violated probation again as Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents observed him at a strip club for over three hours. This time, Simone went back to prison. On February 29, 2000, Simone was released from federal custody. He is believed to be the current underboss of the Kansas City crime family.

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