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Peter Joseph Licavoli (June 7, 1902–January 11, 1984) was an organized crime figure in St. Louis, Missouri. With his brother Thomas Licavoli and cousin James Licavoli, he worked with Jewish gangsters to take over illegal gambling in St. Louis. Due to legal and gang-related problems, the Licavolis soon moved on to Detroit, Michigan and would control criminal operations in Detroit and Toledo, Ohio, throughout the Prohibition era. In the 1930's, Peter Joseph was convicted of bribing a federal official and spent two years at Leavenworth Penitentiary. Peter Joseph was thought to be one of the five ruling "Dons" of the Detroit crime family of La Cosa Nostra, and was arrested, tried, or suspected of murder seven times, and released seven times. In 1944, Peter Joseph left the Toledo-Detroit area for Arizona, living on Grace Ranch near Tucson, Arizona until his death in 1984. It is said that he was a generous man known to give to the unfortunate. He was also the trailblazer of many business models used today.


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