Notorious is an American documentary television series that profiles the lives of infamous individuals in history, which at times have also included criminal/organized crime figures such as Pretty Boy Floyd, Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas, and Chicago Outfit leader/mob boss Al Capone. The series airs on The Biography Channel.

Most episodes of Notorious are rehashes of the similar TV Series American Justice and Mobsters, both series that were originally broadcasted on Biography Channel's sister channel, A&E Network. The only differences are the intro of the episodes and the lead-in's after commercials. Besides this, the rehashed episodes are no different in any way.

Partial episode listEdit

  1. Dead Reckoning: Unusual Clues 12/06/2004
  2. Death of a Tejano star... Selena 12/13/2004
  3. Confessions Of A Predator 12/22/2004
  4. Brutal Revenge (murder of Sheila Bellush) 01/24/2005
  5. The BTK Killer Speaks 7/26/2005
  6. What The Girl Saw 11/09/2005
  7. Rasputin: The Mad Monk 9/27/2005
  8. Satan: Prince of Darkness 9/27/2005
  9. Marquis de Sade 9/27/2005
  10. The Yosemite Killer 02/08/2006
  11. Mother On Death Row 07/12/2006
  12. A Soldier's Secret 01/16/2007

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