Fausto Dominic 'Nick' Geraci Jnr (originally pronounced Jair-ah-chee, Nick is informally known as "Ace" Geraci for using the American pronunciation of Juh-ray-see) is a central character in the Mark Winegardner novels The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge. He is a Corleone Caporegime turned traitor, and a sworn enemy to Michael Corleone.

This article or section describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please rewrite this article or section to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Geraci was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His father, Fausto Geraci Snr, was a driver for Don Vincent Forlenza, who also served as his Godfather and became his trusted friend. Geraci became a boxer in his teens, eventually becoming a heavyweight champion under the moniker Ace Geraci. He was introduced to Salvatore Tessio through his contacts in Cleveland, and became part of his regime. He participated in fixed fights for Tessio's sports fixing ring, and worked as an enforcer while he rose through the ranks. After Tessio's treachery against the Corleone family was discovered, Geraci was ordered to kill him to prove his loyalty. He was unnoficially placed in charge of Tessio's regime, and was tapped to become the Corleone family Don. Geraci's true position was made clear when he flew a plane carrying Frank Falcone and Tony Molinari, the Dons of Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. The plane crashed into a lake, killing the Dons, but leaving Geraci alive. Following his recuperation in hospital, Geraci learned that the plane was sabotaged by Michael Corleone. Geraci was to be used as a pawn in an elaborate plan that would weaken the Chicago and Cleveland Cosas. Geraci swore revenge against Michael Corleone, staying quiet until he could hatch a plan to defeat his nemesis. Acting as a loyal Corleone, Geraci was placed in charge of the intended assassination of Fidel Castro which ultimately failed. However, he learned from a CIA contact that the assassination was intended to fail, and Geraci intended to take the fall. Realizing that Michael Corleone still wanted him killed, Geraci went into hiding. Over the next few years, Geraci eluded Michael Corleone by constantly changing hideouts, orchestrating a smear campaign against Michael Corleone and Tom Hagen. He killed Hagen himself in Florida, and attempted to use a Commission vote to force Michael into retirement, leaving the Corleone family operations in his hands. His plan failed, however, as he was ambushed and killed by Eddie Paradise, Michael Corleone's new Caporegime. The book he wrote, Fausto's Bargain, (detailing his criminal life and life on the run) was later published and became a best seller.

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