A famous hitman from Montelepre, near Palermo, in Sicily, Mosca is an old friend of Ozvaldo Altobello, who often hires him to 'remove stones from his shoe'. He was portrayed by Mario Donatone.


It was Mosca who Altobello hired to kill Michael Corleone. Mosca was known throughout Sicily as a man who never failed in an assignment, and thus, the Corleone Family were constantly on their guard for him. He was known to operate alongside his associate, Spara. Mosca failed in his first attempt to kill Michael, attempting to force his way into Lionele Tommasino's estate by hitching a ride in the old man's car whilst dressed as a priest. However, Mosca was recognised and was forced to kill the old man. His second attempt came at the Teatro Massimo, during Anthony Corleone's performance of Cavalleria Rusticana. However, this was the first mission that Mosca failed in, managing only to dispatch Michael's daughter Mary Corleone and wound his target. It was immediately following this that he was killed by Vincent Mancini.

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