A soldati under Tony Bianchi in the Tattaglia Family.

Mikey saleri

Mikey Saleri was known to constantly attempt to inherit his boss' position, attempting to earn favour in his Family by taking back teroritories lost in war. His violent methods only further him from his Family, who consider Saleri to be something of a loose cannon. It was Saleri and caporegime Donnie Marinelli who attempted to assassinate Vito Corleone whilst buying fruit, yet their shots only suceeding in wounding the Don, leaving the Tattaglias to attempt something new. In the winter of 1945, he attempted to take back Emilio's Butcher's for his family but was beaten to death by Aldo Trapani whilst attempting to muscle Brunetti in a back alley. His death earned Trapani praise from the locals, many of whom had received abuse from Saleri.

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