Marty "Monk" Malone, is a character in the video game The Godfather: The Game based on the film The Godfather. He is portrayed by Michael Dobson.

Monk his first appearance is in the story mission A Grave Situation, in which the protagonist is sent to beat the students who assaulted the daughter of the undertaker seen in the opening scene of The Godfather. In the mission The Don Is Dead, Monk is shot in the shoulder during the assassination attempt on Don Vito Corleone. He is then sent to the hospital, and Aldo meets him in the next mission. He is fully recovered around the end of the year. On the evening of December 31, 1945, there's a party at Rosa's, which Aldo and Monk attend. During the party, Sergeant Galtosino and a group of cops interrupt the party and abduct Rosa. Monk is handcuffed to a piano, and he tells Aldo to save Rosa. In 1950, when Aldo is having a romantic night with Frankie, Frankie is abducted by the Tattaglia's, and Monk helps Aldo to rescue Frankie. Unfortunately, Frankie is killed by Bruno Tattaglia and Monk stays to mourn for his sister. In 1955, Monk betrays Aldo and the Corleones to become an FBI informant. He killed the FBI agent that was running him to prevent the Corleones from finding out. Aldo tracks down Monk and questions him. It was revealed that he betrayed the Corleones because he never got a chance to become a made man like Aldo is, as Monk is Irish on his fathers side and thus not a full blooded Italian. Monk is then killed by the player.

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