Mario Balistreri

Mario Balistreri (born November 20, 1901- died November 17, 1979) was a prominent member and known narcotics trafficker in the San Francisco crime family.

Biography Edit

Balistreri was born in San Francisco, California. He was a known mafioso who resided in Santa Clara and frequented the San Jose area and Kansas City. His rap sheet dated back to 1924 and included arrests for counterfeiting and narcotics trafficking, he had three federal narcotics convictions. In February, 1937, narcotic agents made purchases of smoking opium from Balistreri, which led to one of his drug convictions.

He apparently became a member of the San Francisco family under boss Anthony J. Lima and was related to fellow San Francisco family soldier Gaetano "Tom" Balistreri who also dealt in narcotics. His legitimate front business were in scrap metal and real estate. He was considered by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics as a large scale mafia narcotics trafficker and operated in association with other important members of the San Francisco mob who were also smugglers and traffickers in the Bay Area. Balestreri was also associated with mobsters in Phoenix, Arizona and as far away as New Jersey. He was considered a soldier in the San Francisco family and remained active until his death of natural causes in 1979.

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