Is the official and formal "hand-held" guide which outlines the code-of-usage for all text, code, photography/images, sound (audio) and movie/film either written or uploaded on Mafia wiki. It is also seen as a formal policy by hierarchial governatorials by Mafia wiki.

Overview Edit

Grammar and Punctuation (General-Non Names) Edit

Formal Spelling Of Names (Organisations and Names of People)Edit

Photography Usage Edit

Wikipedia Usage Edit

Is only acceptable in the most extreme cases.

The listed are what allowed:

-Actors: Due to the unimportance and constant changes to an actors biography

-Fictional portrayals of Mafia/Cosa Nostra organisations

-Unknown or information not on Mafia wiki

Fictional Information Edit

-If a fictional portrayal (actors and character) profiles are added than they will be removed

-A synopsis/summary or Storyline/Plot is acceptable and allowed on Mafia Wiki for films and television saga's or series. Link to characters profiles on other wiki's for that information.


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