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The following is a listing of fictional characters from the HBO series, The Sopranos that are associated with the Lupertazzi crime family, a fictional criminal organization which, in the show, operates out of New York City. This page is a subarticle that was created to reduce the length of the main article List of characters from The Sopranos.

Anthony Santosusso Edit

Played by: Steve Santosusso Appears in: "Calling All Cars" Anthony is an associate/soldier of the Lupertazzi crime family. He accompanies Joe Peeps when he beats up the Soprano family's appraiser V.I. Trifunovitch over their dispute of profits from the HUD scam.

Peter Bucossi Edit

Played by: Pete Bucossi Appears in: "The Blue Comet" Peter "Petey B." Bucossi is one of the assassins contracted to take out Silvio Dante. He is driving the car and successfully traps Dante and Patsy Parisi in the parking lot. Leaving the parking lot in a hurry, Petey accidentally causes a massive crash where a motorcyclist is run over by another car.

Jerry Basile Edit

Played by: Garry Pastore Appears in: "Marco Polo" Capo in the Lupertazzi crime family. His crew is based in Freeport, Long Island. During the infighting following boss Carmine Lupertazzi's death in 2004 Little Carmine courted Jerry's loyalty with a washing machine and a visit to the Lupertazzi home. Basile was somewhat put off when Johnny Sack arranged to have Little Carmine's boat sunk during his visit. Jerry is the only Lupertazzi capo to retain that rank through the power struggle between Johnny Sack and Little Carmine.

Lorraine Calluzzo Edit

Played by: Patti D'Arbanville Appears in: "Rat Pack", "Where's Johnny?", "All Happy Families..." Associated with the Lupertazzi crime family. Known as "the lady shylock," she is well-known among the ne'er-do-wells of New York and New Jersey. During the infighting following boss Carmine Lupertazzi's death in 2004, Lorraine kicked up to Little Carmine, who was also reportedly her lover as well as her second cousin. She was intimidated by Phil Leotardo, who had her tightly bound and gagged with duct tape, and shot at, using a phone book to stop the bullet. Lorraine sought a sit down with Tony Soprano through Angelo Garepe to ask him to intercede in the Lupertazzi infighting. When she did not comply Phil returned with his brother Billy and associate Joe Peeps—they shot and killed her and her partner and alleged lover, Jason Evanina, in her home. Lorraine also once had a sexual relationship with Tony. Following traditional mob protocol, Lorraine did not have to give payments exclusively to Johnny Sack because mob associates can have business relationships with other crime families. This seems just to show that Johnny Sack was greedy and his hopes of becoming the head of the New York crime family, which he eventually does.

Albert "Albie" Cianflone Edit

Main article: Albie Cianflone [edit] Charles 'Chucky' Cinelli Played by: Michael DeNigris Appears in: "The Fleshy Part of the Thigh", "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request" Charles is the owner of Cinelli sanitation - the Lupertazzi crime family's waste management front. He was involved in a dispute over Barone sanitation following the death of Dick Barone in 2006 which ended with him buying the company. He attended Allegra Sacrimoni's wedding.

Dominic Edit

Played by: Dominic Chianese Jr. Appears in: "Soprano Home Movies", "The Second Coming", "The Blue Comet" Dominic was a soldier, and later a capo in the Lupertazzi crime family. He attended Phil Leotardo's welcome home party after his recovery from illness and later attended a hostile sit down between Tony and Phil. He also participated at the meeting in the Flatbush bikini waxing store when Phil's underboss Butch DeConcini and consigliere Albie Cianflone decided who was to be killed in Leotardo's idea to decapitate the Soprano crime family.

Salvatore "Coco" Cogliano Edit

Played by: Armen Garo Appears in: "Soprano Home Movies", "The Second Coming" Coco is a soldier/capo in the Lupertazzi crime family. Shortly after he makes lewd remarks to Meadow Soprano while she is on a date, Coco is severely pistol-whipped and curbstomped by Tony Soprano. Coco is a close friend of Butch DeConcini. He first says that Coco is an okay guy which suggests that he has good standing in the rival Lupertazzi crime family with Tony but suggests that possibly he is a borderline alcoholic. His name is taken from former Lucchese crime family underboss and acting boss Ettore (Eddie) Cocco while it was run by Carmine Tramunti.

Butch DeConcini Edit

Main article: Butch DeConcini

Raymond "Ray-Ray" D'Abaldo Edit

Played by: Ricky Aiello Appears in: "The Blue Comet" "Made in America" Raymond "Ray-Ray" D'Abaldo is a soldier/capo in the Lupertazzi crime family. He attends a meeting at Flatbush Bikini Waxing and one of the assassins contracted out for hits on the Soprano family. He expresses surprise and disdain that Bobby Baccalieri is No. 3 in the Soprano family, finding it comical. He is one of the assassins who is involved in the assassination attempt on Silvio Dante but runs out of bullets before he can gun down Patsy Parisi. He also used to sell stolen items out of the back of his Ford Crown Victoria in his early criminal career. He is last seen in "Made in America" walking outside with Butch as he talks on the phone with Phil.

Jason Evanina Edit

Played by: Frank Fortunato Appears in: "Rat Pack", "Where's Johnny?", "All Happy Families..." Partner of Lorraine Calluzzo, a shylock in New York associated with the Lupertazzi family. During the infighting following boss Carmine Lupertazzi's death, Lorraine kicked up to Little Carmine. Jason is the loan collector for Lorraine and although is muscular he does not show his strength. She was intimidated by Phil Leotardo and warned to start paying Johnny Sack. When intimidating Lorraine for the first time, Phil implies that Jason is a homosexual and remarks that he probably taught her how to give oral sex. When she did not comply Phil returned with Billy Leotardo and Joe Peeps. Billy shot and killed Jason and as Lorraine tried to escape she was killed by Joe and Billy not far from where she discovered his dead body.

Angelo Garepe Edit

Played by: Joe Santos Appears in: "Two Tonys", "Rat Pack", "Where's Johnny?", "All Happy Families...", "Marco Polo", "Unidentified Black Males", "The Test Dream" Angelo was consigliere to Carmine Lupertazzi for 30 years before his incarceration. Angelo was imprisoned on charges relating to a construction project in Yonkers. During his prison time he became close friends with Tony Blundetto. He was released alongside Blundetto as part of the "Class of 2004."

Infighting occurred amongst the members of the Lupertazzi crime family following Carmine's death. Angelo chose Little Carmine's side along with capo Rusty Millio. Even though Angelo claimed to be "retired," he remained an important figure, and was suggested by Tony Soprano as part of a power sharing triumvirate to end the infighting (Tony's proposal was that Johnny Sack, Little Carmine, and Angelo would all be equally in charge, but no major decisions could be made without a majority vote). Angelo reluctantly went along with the idea. Interestingly though, Tony told Johnny Sack that the power sharing idea was Angelo's—this was intentional on Tony's part in order to allow him to maintain some distance from the conflict and appear merely as a neutral go-between, rather than a mediator—(Tony had mentioned to Christopher Moltisanti that the instability between John and Little Carmine was bad.) Johnny Sack, of course, angrily dismissed this power sharing idea.

During the infighting, Angelo recruited his old friend, Tony Blundetto, to murder Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli—an associate of Johnny Sack and member of Phil Leotardo's crew. Following this, Phil and his brother, Billy Leotardo, killed Angelo.

Angelo's murder had two major repercussions—it caused Little Carmine to withdraw from the fight, as he couldn't stomach any more bloodshed, making Johnny Sack the undisputed successor to Carmine, Sr. It also provoked Tony Blundetto to pursue the Leotardos, shooting and killing Billy Leotardo while wounding Phil. This nearly started a war between the New York and New Jersey crews, and anger from this conflict remained until The Sopranos' conclusion.

Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello Edit

Played by: Tony Cucci Appears in: "Moe N' Joe", "Cold Stones" An overweight member of the Lupertazzi crime family under Phil Leotardo, Gamiello joined Leotardo in reacting with scorn when hearing of Johnny Sack's decision to take a plea bargain and break omerta. Gamiello murdered Vito Spatafore because of his homosexuality alongside Gerry Torciano while Leotardo watched. Later, Dom visited Satriale's to deliver money to Silvio Dante and Carlo Gervasi. Dominic is a close friend of Silvio and asks for gambling advice from him. After Fat Dom made some crude remarks implying that Gervasi was also homosexual, he was immediately silenced by a blow to the back of the head with a dustbuster. Silvio tells Carlo to just "hit him" but Carlo repeatedly stabs Dominic to death in the stomach. He has one daughter who lives in Metuchen, New Jersey, whom he planned to visit on the day of his murder. Carlo and Silvio first plan to dismember his body but finally decide on burying it at a construction site and ditching the car somewhere along the side of a highway. Carlo is seen disposing of Dom's severed head (which he was keeping in a refrigerator at his house on the Jersey Shore) at the beginning of the next episode, by shoving it down a storm drain. Dominic has the Beethoven song "Für Elise" as a ringtone on his phone. The murder of Dominic infuriates Tony Soprano and they close Satriale's under the cover story that a water pipe had burst while they cleaned up and disposed of the body.

Anthony Infante Edit

Played by: Lou Martini, Jr. Appears in: "Members Only", "Mayham", "The Fleshy Part of the Thigh", "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Moe N' Joe", "Stage 5" Anthony Infante is the brother of Ginny Sacrimoni, and the brother-in-law of Johnny Sack. Infante is an optometrist, but also serves as a reluctant back-channel through which Tony Soprano and Johnny Sack communicate while Johnny is in federal detention. Although the business and etiquette of the mob was alien to him, with coded discussion proving a particular difficulty, Infante made an effort to assist Johnny in salvaging what was left of his command.

When Johnny agreed to asset seizures to lessen his sentence, he had Anthony reach out to Tony to arrange the sale of a share of a company that he was an unofficial partner in. The owners were in New Orleans and after a difficult first meeting Tony was not optimistic. Anthony realized the importance of the deal to his sister and family and arranged a more favorable share for Tony to ensure that it would go through.

Anthony was often teased by Tony and his crew in his role as a go-between—they stole sunglasses from his shop and played with him when he brought a gift for Tony and not Sil to a meeting. He also had some difficulty communicating in code with Johnny. He is last seen in Stage 5 telling Johnny about his diminished street credibility, and assuring him that he will be remembered for being a good father and a good husband, which seems to be enough for John in the end.

Jimmy Lauria Edit

Played by: Greg D'Agostino Appears in: "Army of One", "Christopher", "In Camelot", "Members Only", "Kaisha" and "Chasing It" Associate of the Leotardo Crew. Takes part in the beat down on Hesh's son-in-law. Later attends the meeting with Tony, Hesh, Phil Leotardo and Gerry Torciano to make restitution for Hesh's son-in-law's injuries. Later seen guarding Phil's hospital bed after his massive heart attack. He also attends the party celebrating Phil's return to being boss of the Lupertazzi family.

William "Billy" Leotardo Edit

Played by: Chris Caldovino Appears in: "Where's Johnny?", "All Happy Families...", "In Camelot", "Unidentified Black Males", "Cold Cuts", "The Test Dream", "Long Term Parking" William "Billy" Leotardo was a soldier in Phil Leotardo's crew and Phil's younger brother and dim-witted partner in crime who is on friendly terms with Tony Blundetto. Billy killed Lorraine Calluzzo and Jason Evanina with his friend Joe Peeps. Following Carmine Lupertazzi's death, a power struggle between Johnny Sack and Little Carmine ensued. One side was led by Carmine's underboss, Johnny Sack, while the other was ostensibly led by Carmine's son and Miami Capo, "Little Carmine" Lupertazzi, although it is likely that Consigliere Angelo Garepe and Capo Rusty Millio were the real power behind this faction. Joe was killed soon after and Billy took part in the response - a hit on Angelo Garepe. Finally, Billy himself was killed by Tony Blundetto in revenge for the death of his friend Angelo, causing lasting distress to his brother Phil, who was wounded in the attack, and held his brother in his arms as he died on the street.

Phil Leotardo Edit

Main article: Phil Leotardo

Carmine Lupertazzi, Sr. Edit

Main article: Carmine Lupertazzi

"Little" Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr. Edit

Main article: Little Carmine

Jason Masucci Edit

Played by: Paul Diomede Appears in: "All Due Respect" Associate/soldier in Phil Leotardo's crew. Jason accompanies Phil on his hunt for Tony B after Phil's injury. He participates in Phil's beating of Benny Fazio with a cane, and Phil's subsequent intimidation of Joanne Moltisanti. In the episode "Johnny Cakes" Sil tells Tony that Jason thought he saw Vito but was mistaken while both families are searching for Vito.

Rusty Millio Edit

Played by: Frankie Valli Appears in: "All Happy Families...", "Marco Polo", "Unidentified Black Males"", "Long Term Parking", "Members Only", "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Luxury Lounge" Rusty was a capo in the Lupertazzi crime family and was married to Gianna Millio. Rusty was a close associate of Little Carmine and considered to be one of the instigators in Little Carmine's power play following boss Carmine Lupertazzi Sr.'s death. After Lupertazzi's death, Rusty turned down the position as head of the Lupertazzi crime family but later regretted his decision. Often accompanied by Eddie Pietro, a Lupertazzi soldier who acts as Rusty's driver. Helped Angelo Garepe orchestrate the hit on Joe Peeps (with Tony Blundetto as the hitman) after telling Little Carmine "We'll steamroll right over John, and I predict the guys in the streets in Brooklyn and Queens will welcome us as fuckin' heroes! It'll be easy...".

Since the truce and Johnny Sack's arrest, Rusty refused to be in the same room as, or take orders from, acting boss Phil Leotardo. Johnny Sack ordered a hit on Rusty (whom he referred to as "The Mayor of Munchkinland", due to his short stature) through Tony, because he felt Rusty was likely to try and wrest power away from him while he was in prison. In the episode "Luxury Lounge," Rusty and his bodyguard/driver, Edward "Eddie" Pietro were assassinated in Rusty's driveway by Italian hitmen contracted by Tony.

Rusty was portrayed by singer Frankie Valli, who has paradoxically been referenced in his own right in the series. In the season 1 episode "46 Long", Tony brings his mother, Livia, some flowers which were brought from the "same florist that Frankie Valli uses when he comes to Jersey." Christopher Moltisanti also classes Valli as one of the great Italian-American singers. There is also a scam of selling stolen Frankie Valli concert tickets with Tony Soprano. In the episode Christopher a Native American Chief invites Tony and some friends to his casino so that he may ask Tony to get Frankie to come to to his casino for a week, a job that Tony delegates to Silvio, who mentions that he hasn't talked to Frankie for years.

John Minervini Edit

Played by: Johnny Valiant Appears in: "For All Debts Public and Private" Carmine Lupertazzi's bodyguard. After Carmine's death he's seen guarding Phil Leotardo.

Mook Edit

Played by John Lanzillotto Appears in: "All Happy Families..." A soldier or associate in Rusty Millio's crew. Acted as a driver for Rusty in "All Happy Families..." A "Mook" when used in the film Mean Streets starring Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel by Martin Scorsese towards the character "Joey" played by George Memmoli is a derogatory title given to someone who is a degenerate gambler and overall "scumbag." The character in The Sopranos is given no other name. Fortunately he is not acting as the chauffer and bodyguard when Rusty Millio is murdered by the DiMeo crime family.

Muzzy Nardo Edit

Played by Vic Martino Appears in: "Marco Polo" "Muzzy" Nardo (first name unknown) is a pimp working for Phil Leotardo's crew. He operated a brothel that Joey Peeps collected from. It is his brothel that Joey Peeps is murdered outside of along with one of his prostitutes by Tony Blundetto. He is seen complaining to one of his prostitutes that they were spending too much time socializing with their customers and not having sex. He lets his prostitute leave with Joe Peeps for an afternoon out on the town after he shows an interest in her. He has a similar last name to Cleveland mobster Giovanni Narchionne, who went by the last name "Nardi".

David Pasquale Edit

Played by Adam Scarimbolo Appears in: "All Due Respect" An associate/soldier in Phil Leotardo’s crew. He accompanied Phil Leotardo and Jason Masucci on the hunt for Tony Blundetto. He was with Phil when he beat down Benny Fazio and rode to up to Pat Blundetto’s farm to discover Tony B.’s corpse. It is unknown as to what David’s status is in the New York Family. He has not appeared again in the series.

Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli Edit

Played by: Joe Maruzzo Appears in: "The Weight", "Calling All Cars", "Rat Pack", "Where's Johnny?", "All Happy Families...", "Irregular Around the Margins", "Marco Polo" Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli was an associate in Phil Leotardo's crew and an aide-de-camp to Johnny Sack. Joey was drinking alongside Johnny Sack when he thought Donny K was laughing at him - this was during his beef with Ralph and his crew over an insult to Ginny Sack. Joey was unable to restrain John from following Donny outside, beating and urinating on him but Joey quickly spirited John away from the scene once he was finished. After this Joey contacted the hitman that Johnny ordered to kill Ralph Cifaretto, and subsequently told the hitman to call off the murder when Johnny decided against it.

Joey often went to high-level sit-downs with Johnny Sack. During the infighting amongst the Lupertazzi crime family Joe and Billy Leotardo killed lady shylock Lorraine Calluzzo, and her partner Jason Evanina, for kicking up to Little Carmine instead of Johnny Sack. He was killed by Tony Blundetto when leaving a brothel. He was confronted by Tony who was standing outside his car. After being shot to death along with the brothel prostitute Heather, his foot falls on the gas pedal and rolls his 2000 Lincoln Town Car over Blundetto's foot, fracturing it; the car ends up smashed into the back of parked car shortly afterward. When ordering his death, Angelo Garepe referred to him as "a friend of a friend, not a friend of ours" assuring Blundetto that Peparelli was not a made man. At Peparelli's funeral, Tony Soprano is aghast that his crew accidentally had a formal headstone carved with the name "Peeps", instead of his proper surname "Peparelli". Silvio said they'd redo it, and took responsibility for his dyslexic associate's mistake.

Jimmy Petrille Edit

Played by: Vinny Vella Appears in: "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti", "Rat Pack", "Long Term Parking", "All Due Respect" Friend of Johnny Sack's who became his consigliere once Johnny took over as boss of the family. However, it is revealed in "All Due Respect" that Petrille had been a turncoat cooperating with the FBI and gave up information going back to Sacramoni's criminal activities in 1981, which was instrumental in Johnny's arrest. It could be surmised that Petrille's information, along with that which Fabian "Febby" Petrulio provided the government, led to the incarcerations of crime family members Richie Aprile, Angelo Garepe, Phil Leotardo, Michele "Feech" LaManna, and Tony Blundetto. It is unknown what damaging evidence Petrille gave about either the DiMeo crime family or his own Lupertazzi crime family. His fate is unknown, although it is implied that he disappeared into the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Eddie Pietro Edit

Played by: Nick Annunziata Appears in: "Unidentified Black Males", "Long Term Parking", "Members Only", "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Luxury Lounge" Edward "Eddie" Pietro was a soldier in Rusty Millio's crew and his right-hand man. He often accompanied Rusty and acted as his driver on such occasions as Raymond Curto's funeral and Allegra Sacrimoni's wedding. Eddie was shot in the head multiple times alongside Rusty while backing out of Rusty's driveway.

John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni Edit

Full page in Johnny Sack.

Faustino "Doc" Santoro Edit

Played by: Daniel P. Conte Appears in: "Soprano Home Movies", "Stage 5", "Remember When" Aging mobster with a full head of white combed back hair. He is a veteran made man of the Lupertazzi crime family. He had the enmity of the rest of the family for his actions while Phil Leotardo was recovering from his heart attack. Ordered a hit on Gerry Torciano after the airing of a television show discussing who would take over the Lupertazzi crime family after Johnny Sack was sent to prison. As Gerry was the perceived successor to Phil Leotardo, Doc had him murdered while he ate dinner with Silvio Dante. During a sit-down in a restaurant, Doc humiliates Phil by literally taking food from his plate, even as Phil acknowledges Doc as the head of the family. Phil avenges his long-felt humiliations and has Doc murdered, along with his bodyguard outside a massage parlor in New York City, cementing his own claim to be the boss.

Gerardo "Gerry" Torciano Edit

Played by: John Bianco Appears in: "Members Only", "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request", "Luxury Lounge", "The Ride", "Moe N' Joe", "Cold Stones", "Kaisha", "Soprano Home Movies", "Stage 5" Gerardo "Gerry" Torciano, was a protege of Phil Leotardo, also known as "the Hairdo", due to his coiffed hair. Torciano was a made man and a soldier early on. He appeared to handle the street business of Phil Leotardo's old crew, as Acting Capo, during Phil's accession up to underboss. Torciano got into an altercation with Hesh Rabkin and his son-in-law Eli over business being done on the crews territory. Torciano's men burned them out of their car, beat up Eli, and slugged Rabkin. As Eli fled he was hit by a car and hospitalized. Later, Torciano apologized to Tony, claiming that he thought Eli was a civilian, and made restitution for his injuries. Torciano attended Allegra Sacrimoni's wedding and listened to Phil's discussion of Johnny Sack's apparent weakness when he was dragged away in tears.

He was bumped up to a permanent captain in 2006. A celebratory dinner was held for him at Nuovo Vesuvio attended by members of the DiMeo and Lupertazzi crime families. Torciano accompanied Leotardo on his visit to New Jersey for the Feast of St. Elzear and later accompanied Leotardo to a meeting about the new Tidelands construction project. Dominick "Fat Dom" Gamiello and Torciano murdered Vito Spatafore in his motel room while Leotardo watched. In 2007, Gerry died at the hands of gunmen (on orders from Faustino "Doc" Santoro) in a New York City restaurant while dining with Soprano Consigliere Silvio Dante and their respective dates.

Yaryna Edit

Played by: Matilda Downey Appears in: "Kaisha", "The Blue Comet" Phil's Ukrainian-American immigrant housekeeper and girlfriend. When the hit was put out on Phil the hitmen from Italy got the address of Yaryna and her father's house. She sleeps in late during the day and spends most of her time dressed in lingerie. She does speak English well, and mostly speaks in Ukrainian. Yarnya's father looks somewhat like Phil, and the hitmen shoot him in the side of the head killing him, thinking it is Phil. Yaryna saw what had happened at the top of the stairs so the hitman was forced to kill her too. She was shot twice in the stomach. She fell down the stairs, and the hitman shot her in the head. Yarnya yelled out to her father in Ukrainian when he was hit, but the hitmen assume that Phil must be fluent in Ukrainian as well as his Italian and English. The hitmen mistakenly killing her father is what causes Phil to go into hiding, knowing that they were after him.

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