Gennaro "Little Pussy" Malanga Little Pussy is an enemy of Uncle Junior's who he wants to have killed - planning for the hit to occur in Vesuvio - Artie Bucco's restaurant. This prompts Tony to start a fire at the restaurant so the hit must occur elsewhere - motivated by protecting the prestige of his friend's business and allowing him to build a new restaurant with the fire insurance money. Tony says to Junior that he's been dead "six years now" in the season 6 premier episode "Members Only". This would lead to the conclusion that his execution was only temporarily forlonged, and he was murdered at an unknown time later that same year. However, Junior's dementia causes him to believe that Tony is Little Pussy when he shoots him in the same episode. He is loosely based on, by nickname only on New Jersey mobster Angelo "Little Pussy" Russo.

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