Licavoli-Riccmi Mob War (1955-1960)

when Licavoli ally mob boss Anthony Giordano died from cancer in 1980 Mikey Trupiano came to the Licavoli mob to help him secure the postion of boss in St Louis. Then boss James Licavoli agreed on ceratin conditions one the Licavolis could put thier Capo Micheal DeAngelo as the boss of the local Union and that St Louis had to be willing to do business with the Detroit family.But Paul Leisure(who wanted Trupiano's postion) were backed by the Licavoli's arch rivals the Riccmis.On July 23, 1955 the Licavolis struck first they bombed the Riccmi's club and killed a made man. on June 2 ,1955 the Riccmis struck back and almost killed Jack Licavoli the fighting went on for a 5 years until Leisure formally surrenderd the postion to Trupiano.The Riccmi's territory had been reduced a small portion of Michigan's Upper Penisula and thier boss Giuseppe Riccmi had been killed and the Trupianos kept thier word on the conditions.This led to the Licavolis installing the Gorgio Crime Family to power in the upper peinusula of Michigan and wisconsin whre it remains in power today.

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