Lau was a Chinese crime lord. He was burned alive on a mound of US dollars by The Joker.


Lau came to Wayne Enterprises for a business partnership. Lucius Fox agrees, and speaks with Bruce Wayne about it. Wayne tells Fox that Lau is a suspect in proposed mob activity, and Fox agrees to travel to Hong Kong to stop the deal. Then Lau is seen speaking to the mob via television while he is on a plane to China, and claims that he saved their money by placing it in a secure location right before the police had a trail. Harvey Dent soon discovers what Lau has done, and asks the Batman to bring him back to America. The Batman travels to Hong Kong, beats up Lau's henchmen, and captures Lau. Lau is questioned, and he gives the names of all his clients, resulting in the arrest of the entire mob. Leutenint Gordon keeps Lau in the holding cells, claiming they can't trust county. The Joker broke Lau out of the MCU building. The Joker tied Lau to a chair, duck taped his mouth, and set his chair on a massive mound of US dollars. After soaking the money in gasoline, the Joker lit the gasoline on fire, which eventually caught Lau on fire and destroyed his body.

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