1997: Driver for - Robert "Blackie" Palmeri

[Source: - QDC Docket C16A-2455-***], 8/19/1997

2001: Collector of Mafia debts for Patriarca crime family - T. Capacioli

[Source: - PL,BG, comm - PB], 11/21/2001

2006: Illegal, non licensed loan practices and usurious lending with collection by violent means

collection of loan and gambling debts for the mafia in Boston, by violent means.

[Source: - QDC - Docket CR-6aw-4***], 3/27/2006

2016: Identified by witness at RDC - Trial paw345-5*** - to be associate of Genovese crime family. Orlandella is said to be respected across the board.

[Source: - ProJo 8/16/2016, Avon, MA police Department complaint 3/15/2017, SDC - 65***] 4/18/2017

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