Thomas "Juntao" Griffin (1940?-1998) is a fictional British crime lord character which appeared in the 1998 blockbuster crime/action/comedy film Rush Hour which co-starred comedian/actor Chris Tucker and martial arts/action hero Jackie Chan. Juntao, whose real name was Thomas Griffin, was played by British actor Tom Wilkinson). Towards the end of the film, the identity of Juntao, the head of the vicious Triad team that kidnaps Consulate Han's daughter Soo Yung is revealed as the British crime boss Griffin, who is shot in an action filled confrontation with Chief Inspector Lee and Detective Carter.

Early LifeEdit

He was born in Leeds,England c. 1940. and jonied the British Royal Hong Kong Police, where in time became its' commander.

Criminal FortuneEdit

Juntao, or Griffin had illegaly accquired a vast collection of thousands of years of Chiniese arts which after his death, was seized by Chief Inspector Lee.

Rush HourEdit

Griffin revelaed himself to be Junato and while James Carter distracted his guards shortly before was killed by Lee.

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