Joseph Stracci

Giuseppe Stracci (born 1898- died 1970s) known as "Joe Stretch", was a longtime soldier of the Genovese crime family and friend of Mafia informant Joe Valachi.

Biography Edit

Stracci was born in Sicily and immigrated to the US around 1910 with his family. He was reportedly a good friend of Lucky Luciano and they both became members of Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria's crime family in the 1920s. During Prohibition, Stracci was a bootlegger and extortionist. When Luciano became boss of the crime family he was placed in the crew of Michael "Trigger Mike" Coppola. He soon gained a foothold in the Teamsters union representing the Luciano family.

In the mid-1930s, Stracci and Valachi, along with Frank Livorsi and brother in-law, Joseph Rao, combined their efforts in a numbers racket and he also became a loanshark and had links to the Democratic party and Tammany Hall.

He remained active until the 1970s when he died of natural causes in New York.

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