Joseph Pecora

Joseph "Jo Jo" Pecora (died 1987) was a powerful gambling boss and labor racketeer in the Pittsburgh crime family.

Biography Edit

Pecora was once described as controlling all gambling on the panhandle area of West Virginia. Pecora held alot of influence in Hancock County and during the 1940s formed a partnership with William "Big Bill" Lias, a West Virginia Greek-racket boss and brought him under the umbrella of the Pittsburgh family. The alliances and influence Pecora established for the Pittsburgh family in West Virginia still exists. Until this day the Steel City mob still has its representative in that area. The West Virginia faction would later fall under the leadership of Pecora loyalist Paul "No Legs" Hankish and Charles "Chucky" Porter.

In 1979, both Pecora and a prosecutor of Hancock County were convicted of illegal gambling and tampering with evidence. Both were fined $10,000 and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Not long after his release from prison, Pecora was made the underboss of the Pittsburgh family when Michael James Genovese became the new boss of the family after the death of John Sebastian LaRocca in the same year.

Pecora died of natural causes in 1987.

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