Joseph "Joe Mac" McDonald

Joseph "Joe Mac" McDonald (born 1917 - died 1997), was a Irish-American mobster and high ranking member of the Winter Hill Gang.

McDonald was a veteran World War II, and a charter member of the Winter Hill Gang, he made the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List after a stamp robbery.

He was born in Somerville, Massachusetts to Scottish-Irish immigrants from Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow. During his lifetime he was known as a tough bar-room brawler but also a "stand up guy" who was loyal to his friends. One of the originators of the Winter Hill Gang, he was close friends with gang leader James "Buddy" McLean. He was a close friend of Stephen Flemmi due to his military stint during the Korean War. He had refined his marksman skills in World War II and was an efficient contract killer. He was the oldest member of the Winter Hill Gang. He was a long-time alcoholic. He married and was the father of one daughter and one son. In 1965, at the age of forty-eight he was arrested during the commission of a failed robbery at a MTA station. He was soon afterwards indicted and convicted, and was sent to Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Junction.

His closest criminal associate was James "Jimmy" Sims, who vanished after his release from prison in the late 1980s. While on the lam, McDonald was involved in two murders, in Oklahoma and Florida, with hit man John Martorano. McDonald was arrested on a Boston-bound train in New York City in 1984, but got short time after demanding to know who had ratted him out.

Joe Mac died of a stroke in 1997.

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