Joseph "Joe Fish" Marra is a former Colombo crime family associate and crew member with Gregory Scarpa.


Colombo crime family crew Boss Gregory Scarpa. Joseph “Joe Fish” Marra, a former crew member of Colombo Crime Family Capo, Greg “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa , was once ordered to whack out Srarpa’s son’s suspected Snitch friend who got a gift when Joe Fish’s car broke down.

Daughters GraduationEdit

Colombo crime-family associate Joseph “Joe Fish” Marra is a generous man -- to a fault. In prison serving a long stretch for a mob murder conspiracy, he nevertheless arranged to have $3,000 forwarded by associates as a gift to his daughter.

“Congratulations on your graduation,” Marra said in a June 2010 phone call.

But the money came by way of a Mafia beat-down that helped speed the collection of a $13,000 debt, Brooklyn federal prosecutors say. Write the second section of your page here.

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