Johnny Trapani was a baker from Little Italy and an associate of the Corleone family. He was known to be incredibly loyal to Don Corleone and was highly favoured by him. The friendship lead to Johnny's business, Trapani's Bakery, becoming very successful. This position led to Johnny's death however, whem he was brutally murdered by Emilio Barzini's men before his son's eyes, for his part in sabotaging a number of the Barzini Family's operations in the 1936.

This event led to his wife Seraphina's steady decline, and the straying of his son from the track of the law. However, Aldo Trapani was brought in to work for Luca Brasi(Video Game Version), and eventually became one of Don Corleone's most trusted men. The bakery was sold to the Stracci Family, who gave it to Mamma Scarponi in 1942.
Johnny trapani

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