George 'Jaggy' Jovino was an associate of the Corleone family.

Jovino grew up in Little Italy where he became known as a man with his ear to the ground. When Vito Corleone moved here from Hell's Kitchen, he employed Jovino as an informant. His involvement in the business lead to Jaggy becoming close friends with the young Sonny Corleone. He became instrumental in the Olive Oil War, where he manged to hijack enemy racket trucks, dealing a crippling blow to rival Don, Salvatore Maranzano. It was Jovino who got Sonny started robbing trucks, after Sonny made his bones in the Family business. Jovino, being of non-Italian blood, was not allowed to be made, yet he became part of Peter Clemenza's regime, closely associating with Paulie Gatto, another up-and comer. Together, they managed to ensure that most of the smuggling network in New York only payed out to the Corleones, which remained the norm until 1950, when the network was sabotaged by Ronnie Tosca. In 1945, Jovino first met rising enforcer Aldo Trapani. He advised Trapani on how to regain control of Little Italy by taking down the Tattaglia owned Verona Warehouse. He later told the rising mobster to bomb the Tattaglia Compound in Brooklyn, thus virtually ending the Tattaglia's business in New York. This was part of a two pronged plan masterminded by Salvatore Tessio that would destroy both key members of the Tattaglia Family and most of it's distribution network. However, it transpired that Jovino was a rat working for the Barzini family, and he fled to Rosa's and took her and her girls hostage. However, he was swiftly executed by his old friend Aldo Trapani.

Jaggy jovino

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