Giuseppe "George Stone" Petri (1908-1988) Was a fictional cop in the movie The Untouchables (Film).He rose to police commissioner after helping Eliot Ness bust Al Capone.He is played by Andy García.

Early lifeEdit

Born in 1908 in Palermo,Sicily.

Early lifeEdit

His family immigrated through Ellis Island and lived in New York City before moving to Chicago.

In order to become a cop he changed his name to George Stone.He lived in Chicago's South side and moved to the city to become a cop.

Elliot NessEdit

He was recurited by James "Jimmy" Malone and "Mr.Ness" he made a bust against Al Capone. And became trusted with Ness when Ness retired he became police commissioner.


He sufferd a heart attack at 80 only 1 year after he retired.


The most likely insiration for him would be real-life police-inspector Giuseppe Petrosino.

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