Gangster is a novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra, published in 2001, narrating the life of Angelo Vestieri from the early 20th Century until his death, and his rise to power in the New York City underground.

The novel opens in the 1996 as Gabe, now middle-aged man, keeps watch over an old Angelo Vestieri on his hospital deathbed. Slipping back in time to the Depression, the narrative tracks the rise of the famed mob boss from a simple Italian immigrant to the most powerful man of Manhattan's underworld, when a ten year old Gabe, by chance, walks into Vestieri's bar. Vestieri takes the boy under his wing and ushers him into the world of organized crime. Gabe learns what it takes to rule an empire with his mentor, yet when the time comes for Gabe to take over Angelo's operation, he refuses, choosing a normal life despite his deep love for Vestieri.

The story represents a very interesting and important step in American media because of the fusion of the plots from Godfather Part II and A Bronx Tale.
Gangster Carcaterra

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