Frank Maestri

Frank J. Maestri (August 5, 1918- July 9, 2008) was a successful California businessman. Maestri was allegedly a prominent soldier and bookmaker in the San Jose crime family of the American Mafia, also known as La Cosa Nostra.

Biography Edit

Maestri was born in San Francisco, California. After graduating from High school he worked at Mare Island as a tool and die maker for the Navy and several years later attended San Jose State on a basketball scholarship. During WWII, he was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where he served as Director of Personnel for Ford Island until the war ended. There he joined the Dole Pineapple Corporation in Public Relations and got married in Hawaii. Frank was transferred to San Jose in 1956 to establish an Industrial Relations organization. Additionally, he served as President of the Euramerica Foods, an Italian food canning operation in which Dole had financial interests. Frank was very active in the California Processors & Growers Assoc., an employer union relations organization now known as California Processors, Inc. He served as President for 2 years.

San Jose Family Edit

In 1967 Frank retired from Dole to enter into business for himself as owner of Frank-Lin Distillers Products Ltd, Inc., a rectifying, bottling, wholesale, and importer of a wide line of liquors which are sold throughout the US. While in San Jose, it is alleged that he became a member of the San Jose crime family under boss Joseph Cerrito. Maestri was considered a soldier for the Cerrito-Sciortino organization in the south Bay Area while running his family distillery business. The San Jose mob had traditionally been a small crime family with most of it's members operating from behind the shadows and publicly being successful and renowned businessmen more than gangsters. This fit Maestri's profile perfectly.

His distillery company has remained successful for the past 42 years. Frank-Lin continues as a family owned and operated company. Maestri was widely respected in the industry. He was one of the last remaining made members of the San Jose crime family along with Vito Frank Adragna and late boss Emmanuel J. Figlia.

Maestri died on July 9th, 2008 of natural causes at age of 89.

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