Antonio Rico Giuseppe Giordano Jr (1964-) is The Capo of the Houston Crime Family and the son of Anthony Giordano.

Antonio Rico Giuseppe Giordano Jr was born on July 23,1964 to St Louis Boss Anthony Giordano and his mistress Gloria Trillio.Anthony grew very close to "Junior" and as the years went by he became a respected member of the family.Until about 1979 when Tony Jr slept with a wife of a respected Mobster of the Licavoli mob. In order to spare his son's life and keep good relations with the Licavoli family,Tony Sr asked his good friend in Dallas Dino Landucci who was the boss of the Houston Mafia to take him in.Giordano soon became respected in the family and when his father died in 1980 he inherited his father's house and then befriended future boss Ernesto Cormilia.As of 2008 he is the underboss of the Houston Crime Family.

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