Eugenio Giannini

Eugenio Giannini (born 1906-died September, 1952) was a former soldier in the Lucchese crime family who became an informant to the Bureau of Narcotics.

Biography Edit

Giannini was born in 1906 in Bari,Puglia on the southern tip of the Italian peninsular. His parents immigrated to America, and he grew up in New York.

Described as small, lecherous and ugly, with a temperament to match. Joe Valachi claimed that Giannini was part of the 107th Street Mob, the group we recognize today as the Lucchese crime family, under its boss, Gaetano Reina, although it's possible he was actually connected into the crime family run then by Lucky Luciano. He was known to his mob associates as 'Gino' or sometimes 'Genie,' and worked off and on with a tight-knit gang of drug traffickers which included 'Big John' John Ormento, Joe Valachi, Fiore Sano, Salvatore Shillitani, Pat Pagano and Pat Moccio. By the early 1940s, Giannini was running a variety of legitimate businesses, including a venture in restaurant supplies, and a garbage collection firm called the Eagle Waste Company. These were convenient covers for the illegitimate operations he supervised from his office at East 74th Street, which included gambling, loan sharking and the wholesaling of drugs. In between his frequent sojourns in the state prison, he also ran horse-betting and policy books from these premises. He also dealt in narcotics and in 1942 was charged with heroin conspiracy and served fifteen months in prison.

After his release from prison, he moved to Europe in 1950, and began smuggling U.S. medical supplies into Italy. While in Italy he formed a connection to Lucky Luciano and began informing on Luciano to the Bureau of Narcotics. Giannini was arrested on counterfeiting charges in Italy but the charges were dropped and he moved back to New York. The Mafia in New York discovered that Giannini was an informer and ordered his murder. Genovese family capo "Tony Bender" Anthony Strollo gave the contract to Joseph Valachi.

He played one shady card too many, and found out the hard way that the mob doesn’t tolerate rats or double-crossers. On September 20, 1952 Giannini's body was found on 107th Street shot to death. Valachi later revealed he recruited brothers Joseph and Pasquale Pagano and Fiore Siano to carry out the hit. They murdered Giannini near a gambling club run by Lucchese family soldier Paul Correale between Second Avenue and East 112th Street.

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