Dino DeMantagna was a barber from Little Italy.

Dino demantagna

Coming from Naples in Italy, DeMantagna set up his barber shop in the early 1930s, soon after the war between Vito Corleone and Salvatore Maranzano had ended. DeMantagna was allied with the Corleones and remained so until 1945, when the Tattaglia Family, encouraged by their alliance with Virgil Sollozzo, began chipping away at these territories. Dino did not remain under this new management for long, and was shook down by Luca Brasi and Aldo Trapani, who he gave a free haircut to. When Vito Corleone was gunned down outside this establishment, Dino was struck by one of the stary bullets and ended up in hospital with a chest wound, but subsequently made a full recovery.

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