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Organizational information
Chronological and political information

Usage instructionsEdit

Paste the following code at the beginning of the article, filing all relevant fields. If a field doesn't apply, just leave it blank.
Note: This template has customizable colors for both primary and secondary headings. However, the heading colors will default to black and gray; choose your colors appropriately.

{{company infobox
|BG1= <--primary heading coloring
|BG2= <--secondary heading coloring

Display parametersEdit

  • hideo
  • hidec


{{subst:slh|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|181818}}}} {{subst:sli|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|181818}}}} {{subst:slc|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|181818}}}} {{subst:sls|Organizational information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|CCCCCC}}|hideo}} {{subst:sld|Founder(s)|founder}} {{subst:sld|Led by|ledby}} {{subst:sld|Associations|associations}} {{subst:sld|Parent organization|parent}} {{subst:sld|Subsidiaries|subsid}} {{subst:sld|Locations|locations}} {{subst:sld|Primary role(s)|role}} {{subst:sld|Major products|products}} {{subst:sls|Chronological and political information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|CCCCCC}}|hidec}} {{subst:sld|Founding|founding}} {{subst:sld|Date dissolved|dissolved}} {{subst:sld|Era(s)|era}} {{subst:sld|Affiliation|affiliation}} {{subst:slf|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|181818}}}}

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