Tony Clownarelli, better known as the Clownfather was originally Bonko the Clown who was the old partner of Joko the Clown (the old job of Mr. Lincoln) that did birthday parties until it came to the incident where Bonko forgot the punchline and was knocked out and Joko disappeared. He ran the Clownarelli Family and didn't want anyone telling jokes on his turf. When Numbuh Two breaks his rule, his henchmen brought Numbuh Two to him at his base in the circus. Numbuh Two escapes his punishment and heads into the circus tent where Numbuh Five was and she ended up helping him there until Mr. Lincoln stepped in and Clownfather stopped his attack. Unfortunately, the punchline-forgetting incident happened again. He is a spoof of Vito Corleone. Voiced by Roger L. Jackson in the style of Marlon Brando.

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