Throughout the 1970s until 1981, Chelsais Bouras of Northeast Philadelphia headed the Greek Mob in Philadelphia, participating in mostly loansharking, extortion, methamphetamine trade, and gambling. Bouras directed the mob efficiently, and he carried out business with more prominent families such as the Philadelphia Mafia. He was a close associate of Italian wiseguy and Scarfo soldier Raymond Martorano .

The origin of the name Chelsais is unknown as it is not a name of Greek origin. In May 1981, at the Meletis Greek restaurant in South Philadelphia, Bouras was gunned down alongside his girlfriend Janette Curro, Ray Martorano, and Philadelphia radio personality Jerry Blavat. It is worth noting that Curro's family had ties to the mafia. Her nephew Joe "Crutch" Curro, a made member of the Philadelphia La Cosa Nostra, was known to the FBI since a 1976 FBI wiretap at Frank’s Cabana Steaks in South Philadelphia — a base of operations for mob capo Frank Sindone, until his death 2004.

Bouras was approximately 50 years old and Jeannette Curro was 54. Though Bouras and Curro were killed, Martorano and Blavat were only wounded. It is reported that Nicodemo Scarfo of Philadelphia's notorious Philadelphia crime family ordered the hit, as Bouras had refused to pay Scarfo's street taxes, specifically for his meth ring. There have also been speculations that Martorano arranged the hit for Scarfo because of eyewitness claims that the gunman motioned for Martorano to move out of the way before opening fire. To this day, no one has ever been connected with the hit. It is worth mentioning that the assassination took place just one day after the murder of another Greek mobster, Harry Peetros of Upper Darby.