Operation Heat

Family Members, including Capo Regieme


Vincent Papa, one of top heroin traffickers in Organized Crime history. "The Man Who Stole The French Connection"

This page is for Caporegimes of the Lucchese crime family past and present.

(year made capo or status change)

Lucchese Era 1951-1967 Edit

Brooklyn/Queens Faction Christopher Funari (1964), Paul Vario (early 1950's) Manhattan Faction Carmine Tramunti (late 1950's promoted to boss), Anthony Corallo (1943), Bronx Faction Salvatore Santoro (1953), New Jersey Faction Settimo Accardi (early 1950's imprisoned), Joseph Abate (late 1960's), Florida Ettore Coco (late 1950's)

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Anthony "Tony" Loria, a captain in the Papa Organization was head of all Heroin Distribution on Long Island 1967-1973. Partners with Papa and Virgil Alessi.

=== Tramunti Era 1967-1973 ===

Brooklyn/Queens Faction Paul Vario (early 1950's), Christoper Funari (1964), Mahnattan Faction Anthony Corrado (1934 promoted to boss), Bronx Faction Salvatore Santoro (1953), New Jersey Faction Settimo Accardi (early 1950's imprisoned), Joseph Abate (late 1960's), Florida Ettore Coco (late 1950's)

Vincent Papa's Crew.. Papa was based in Astoria, Queens and held court at Astoria Colts Social Club and Ditmars Car Service. Prudenti's in Long Island City was another place of Business. Johnny Dio Dioguadio was Papa's main hook to the bosses. Anthony Loria, was based out of The Bronx and also in North Babylon out on Long Island. He would get major amounts of heroin from Papa directly or through Virgil Alessi who had various areas of control throughout the city. Loria was basically the main source for all the heroin on Long Island in late 1960's - early 1970's. Loria sold to Angelo Paradiso (who turned states witness, thus bringing down the whole distribution network) Nino Fazio and Mr. Huff. Huff was known for being flashy, driving a black Cadillac and wearing fur coats blinged with diamonds and gold. Huff would sell up in Harlem and parts of the Bronx.

Corallo Era 1973-1986 Edit

Brooklyn/Queens Faction Christopher Funari (promoted to consigliere 1981), Paul Vario (early 1950's), Aniello Migliore (1978), Salvatore Avellino (1973), Vittorio Amuso (1980), Mahnattan Faction Michael Pappadio (1976), Bronx Faction Salvatore Santoro (promoted to underboss 1978), Anthony Baratta (early 1980's), New Jersey Faction Joseph Abate (retired 1979), Anthony Accetturo (1979), Florida Ettore Coco (late 1950's)

Amuso Era 1986-2012 Edit

Brooklyn/Queens Faction Paul Vario (died 1988), Salvatore Avellino (1973 Demoted), Aniello Migliore (1978), Frank Lastorino (1986 demoted), Alphonse D'Arco (1988 informant), George Zapolla (1990 demoted), Peter Chiodo (1989 informant), Louis Daidone (1986 imprisoned), Frank Papagni (late 1980's demoted), Joseph Caridi (1990's Promoted to Consigliere), Domenico Cutaia (1990), Eugene Castelle (1990's demoted), Manhattan Faction Michael Pappadio (murdered 1987), Dominick Truscello (late 1980's), Bronx Faction Anthony Baratta (early 1980's demoted), Matthew Madonna (1998), Joseph DiNapoli (early 1990's), Steven Crea (1990 Promoted to underboss), Anthony Santorelli (1990's), Joseph Lubrano (2000's), New Jersey Faction Anthony Accetturo (1979 informant), Martin Taccetta (1988 imprisoned), Ralph Vito Perna (2007), Joseph Giampa (1990's), Florida Ettore Coco (died 1991)

Crea Era 2012-present Edit

Joseph DiNapoli (early 1990's), Matthew Madonna (1998), Anthony Santorelli (1990's), Joseph Lurbano (2000's), Aniello Migliore (1978), Dominic Truscello (late 1980's), Domenico Cutaia (1990), Michael Tacetta (1988), Ralph Vito Perna (2007), Joseph Giampa (1990's),

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