The Gravano Crew was a group of gangsters within the Gambino Crime Family who were loyal to Salvatore Gravano, he took over the crew from Salvatore Auriello. the crew was made up of gravano's closest friends and after a while most of the people in the crew had a falling out with gravano and he murdered them. the crew were involved in the construction business and were based in gravano's nightclubs and his dry wall business. John Gotti sometimes used them for contract killings.

The people in the crew

Salvatore Gravano 1945- Capo and Leader

Joseph Paruta 1929-1984 (died of cancer) Hitman/Soldier

Frank DeCicco 1935-1986 (killed in car bombing) Capo and Advisor

Louis Vallario 1942- Capo and Driver

Louis Milito Unknown-1988 (murdered on the orders of John Gotti) Soldier

Nicholas Scibetta unknown-1978 (murdered because he was addicted to drugs) Associate and Brother In Law

Nicholas Mormando 1938-1986 (murdered because he got DeBatt addicted to drugs) Associate

Michael DeBatt 1949-1987 (murdered because he was addicted to drugs) Associate

Michael DiLeonardo 1955- (became a government informant in 2000's) Associate later Capo.

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