The 100% Official Consigliere of the Genovese Crime Family


1.Frank Costello 1891-1973 Consigliere: 1931-1937 promoted to acting boss in 1937, became proper boss in 1946 and retired in 1957.

2.Sandino Unknown Consigliere:1937-1957 unknown.

3.Michele Miranda 1896-1973 Consigliere:1957-1972 died of natural causes.

4.Anthony Salerno 1911-1992 Consigliere:1972-1975 promoted to Underboss.

5.Antonio Ferro unknown Consigliere:1975-1978 unknown

6.Dominick Alongi unknown Consigliere:1978-1981 unknown

7.Louis Manna 1929-Alive Consigliere:1981-1989 Imprisioned for Life.

8.James Ida 1940-Alive Consigliere:1989-1996 Imprisioned for Life.

9.Lawrence Dentico 1923-alive Consigliere:2003-2005 Imprisioned but released in 2009.

10.Dominick Cirillo 1929-alive Consigliere:2008-present.

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