The 100% Official Bosses of the Genovese Crime Family Edit


1.Antonio Morello 1854-1898 boss: 1892-1898 Murdered.

2 and 5.Giuseppe Morello 1860-1930 boss: 1898-1909 and 1920-1922 Murdered.

3.Nicholas Morello 1866-1916 boss: 1910-1916 Murdered.

4.Vincenzo Terranova 1889-1922 boss: 1916-1920 Murdered.

6.Giuseppe Massiera 1887-1931 boss: 1922-1931 Murdered.

7.Charles Luciano 1897-1962 boss: 1931-1946 Deported and died of natral causes.

8.Frank Costello 1891-1973 boss: 1946-1957 Retired.

9.Vito Genovese 1897-1969 boss: 1957-1969 imprisioned and died of natural causes.

10.Phillip Lombardo 1908-1987 boss: 1969-1981 died of natural causes

11.Vincent Gigante 1928-2005 boss:1981-2005 imprisioned and died of natural causes.

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