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This Category Page is for the Underbosses of the Gambino Crime Family.

Official List of Gambino Underbosses Edit

1. Alfred Mineo Unknown Underboss:Unknown-1928 Promoted to Boss.

2. Steve Ferrigno Underboss:1928-1930 Murdered.

3. Albert Anastasia 1902-1957 Underboss:1931-1951 Became Boss after Murdering Mangano Brothers.

4.Frank Scalise 1893-1957 Underboss:1951-1957 Murdered in Vegetable Market,Bronx.

5.Carlo Gambino 1902-1976 Underboss:1957 Became Boss after Murdering Anastasia.

6.Joseph Biondo 1897-1973 Underboss:1957-1965 Promoted to Consigliere.

7.Aniello Dellacroce 1914-1985 Underboss:1965-1985 Died of Cancer.

8.Thomas Bilotti 1940-1985 Underboss:5/12/1985-16/12/1985 Murdered outside Sparks Steak House.

9.Frank DeCicco 1935-1986 Underboss:1985-1986 Killed in Car Bomb Attack.

10.Angelo Ruggiero 1941-1989 Underboss:1985-1986 Demoted to Capo.

11.Joseph Armone 1917-1992 Underboss:1986-1990 Promoted to Consigliere

12.Salvatore Gravano 1945-(Alive) Underboss:1990-1992 Turned Rat.

No Underboss 1992-1999

13.Arnold Squiterri 1936-(Alive) Underboss:1999-2012.

14.Francesco Cali 1964-(Alive) Underboss 2012-present.

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