This Category Page is for all the Gambino Consiglieres.

Official Gambino Consigliere List

1. Giuseppe Triana Unknown Held Job:Unknown-1930

2. Phil Mangano 1898-1951 Held Job:1931-1951 Murdered by Albert Anastasia.

3. Joseph Biondo 1897-1973 Held Job:1951-1957 became underboss.

4. Joseph Riccobono Held Job:1957-1967 Sacked by Carlo Gambino.

5. Joseph N. Gallo 1912-1995 Held Job:1967-1987 Sentenced to Life in 1987, died in 1995.

6. Salvatore Gravano 1945-(Alive) Held Job:1987-1990 Promoted.

7.Joseph Armone 1917-1992 Held Job 1990-1992 Sentenced to life in 1990, Died in Prison in 1992.

No Consigliere from 1992-1999

8. Joseph Corozzo 1943-(Alive) Held Job:1999-Present.

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