GTA IV is a Crime Action Adventure Game released on 29th April 2008 and is one of the highest rated and most controversial video games of all time, it's set in Liberty City which is based heavily on present day New York City. The Five Families is Featured heavily in the storyline for GTA IV. There is a Comission in GTA IV based on the real life Comission. the leaders of the five families have seats on the Comission. The GTA IV Comission is chaired by Jon Gravelli Leader of the most powerful crime family the Gambetti's.

The Representatives on the Comission are: Jon Gravelli (based on Carlo Gambino) the Chairman of the comission who also represents the Gambetti Crime family(Based on the Gambino Crime Family)

Maria Valvona who represents the Pavano Crime Family (Based on the Lucchese Crime Family)

Harvey Noto who represents the Messina Crime Family (Based on the Bonnano Crime Family)

Vincent Lupisella (Based on Vincent Gigante) represents the Lupisella Crime Family (Based on the Genovese Family)

Giovanni Ancelotti (Based on Vito Genovese) represents the Ancelotti Crime Family (Based on the Colombo Crime Family).

Another Crime Family is trying to gain a seat on the comission led by James Pegorino who represents the Pegorino Crime Family (Based on the New Jersey DeCavalcante Crime Family) the Pegorino Crime Family never gained a seat on the comission during the events of GTA IV unlike the DeCavalcante Crime Family who did gain a seat.

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