The Demeo Crew was the most ruthless of all the Gambino Crews.They started out in the Car Theft business and Dealing Cocaine out of the Gemini Lounge before moving on to murder. Between 1975 and 1983 they murdered at least 75 people and the FBI Suspected that they killed as many as 200 people. the real number will never be know because of the successful dismemberment executions know as the Gemini Method there was virtually no traces of the victims and the bodyparts were either sent to landfill sites or dumped at sea. Many of these Victims were murdered for Orders,Contract or sometimes for Sport or Fun. The crew had a passion for cars and murder, it was headed by Capo Anthony Nino Gaggi and Soldier Roy DeMeo they operated out of a bar called the Gemini Lounge. the killings only stopped in 1983 when DeMeo was found murdered in the back of his Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

Some of the main members of the crew were Joseph Guglielmo DeMeo's Cousin and right hand man nicknamed Dracula because of the strange obsession and practises with the blood of his victims. Chris Rosenburg who invented the Gemini Method and he was murdered by the DeMeo Crew in 1979, and the Gemini Twins Anthony Senter and Joseph Testa they were the most ruthless hitmen in the crew they were called this because they always worked together and always sat together in the Gemini Lounge.

The Fate of the DeMeo Crew Edit

After an extensive FBI investigation into the car theft ring and murders committed by the DeMeo crew in the 1980's the crew started to disintergrate. the car ring was a disaster and led to Paul Castellano being indicted on RICO charges because of the money he recieved from the DeMeo crew. he wasn't going to take any chances and had DeMeo killed on January 10th 1983, the remaining crew members were either arrested, murdered, turned rat or sent to prison for life. this is what happened to each member

Anthony "Nino" Gaggi Capo 1921-1988 died of a heat attack while incarcerated on 17th April 1988.

Roy DeMeo Soldier 1941-1983 murdered on 10th January 1983.

Joseph Guglielmo Soldier and DeMeo's right hand man 1928-1983 Murdered in 1983.

Chris Rosenburg associate 1950-1979 murdered in 1979 by the DeMeo Crew.

Anthony Senter associate and "Gemini Twin" 1955- sentenced to life imprisonment on 14th september 1989.

Joseph Testa associate and "Gemini Twin" 1955- sentenced to life imprisonment on 14th september 1989.

Edward Grillo associate 1934-1978 murdered in 1978 by the DeMeo Crew.

Henry Borelli associate 1948- sentenced to life imprisonment in 1986.

Richard DiNome associate and Frederick's brother 1954-1984 murdered on 4th Feburary 1984.

Frederick DiNome associate and Richard's brother 1941-1986 turned rat and entered the witness protection program. he committed suicide on Feburary 11th 1986.

Dominick Montiglio associate 1947- turned rat and entered the witness protection program. along with robert senter he is the only surviving member of the DeMeo crew with freedom.

Vito Arena associate 1930-1991 turned rat and was murdered in 1991 when he robbed a covenience store in texas he was shot by the cashier and died on 17th February 1991.

Robert Senter associate and Anthony Senter's uncle 1936- jailed for manslaughter of emmanuel gambino from 1973-1988 has managed to stay clean since his release from jail in 1988.

Photo Gallery Edit

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